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How can I pay for my stay?

You will need to bring up cash to pay for your stay with us at Casa Elemento.  We accept COP or USD.  The closest bank machines are in Santa Marta.  There are many ATM's in downtown Santa Marta OR you can go to the ATM at La Bomba (a large gas station just before Minca). There are also ATM's at the big mall/mega plaza before heading into Minca as well.  Recently we have acquired a card machine that works with most but not every card.  There is a small service fee associated with using this method to pay.

How much will it cost to stay?

Have a look throughout the website here.  We have noted the pricing for your accommodation as well as approximate costs for food.  Keep in mind extra purchases at the bar or for tours.  Other than that, there really isn't much more to spend your money on while you're visiting, but bring a bit extra just in case you stay longer than you expect.

Do you sell drinking water?

Although we used to drink directly from the river, we opt on the side of caution and now have bags of water guests can purchase....reasonably priced of course.

How do the meals work?

At Casa Elemento we offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner for our overnight and day guests.  In the morning we generally have four or five menu items to choose from and prepare food to order as guests awake.  For lunch and dinner, we have a set menu and we eat at a scheduled time based on the number of guests and any tour groups we have visiting us.  The food is excellent and we always have a vegetarian option, if that is your desire.  We also have a small selection of snacks for purchase at any time.

Why cant I just order off a menu like a restaurant?

We serve the freshest most local food we can, cooking with what is in season and available in the area or from the farm.  This selection can change quickly (even daily), and although this provides some challenges, it is the reason we eat so well.  Our guests enjoy eating together in the evenings and we find that this system works really well for everyone.  You will never go hungry at Casa Elemento.  See approximate prices, descriptiona and selection in the FOOD section of the website.

What is the weather and temperature like up there?

At Casa Elemento we get the best of both worlds.  During the day with the sun out it is quite warm - even hot - especially if you are active or hiking.  In the evenings it cools down a bit to make for some great sleeping weather.  Bring shorts for the day, a hoodie or jumper for the evenings. A rain jacket is also recommended in the case of an unexpected rain shower. We are located at exactly 1200 metres above sea level.

Is there wifi or internet available?

Get ready for digital detox!  We are enjoying an environment where we do not have access to the internet from the property.   Some guests are receiving internet connections on their enabled smartphones, however, we do not currently have consistent internet at Casa Elemento.  The closest connections are found in Minca.  With time, we expect technology to make its way up the mountain but at this time we are enjoying interacting with each other and not our devices.

The best thing is to confirm your stay and choice of accommodation, prior to your arrival at Casa Elemento.  We get very busy and there is no sense in comming all the way up without confirming first if we have somewhere for you to lay your head.   This also helps us plan the restaurant and services for the clients we are expecting......with that said, we are a laid back bunch, if you are as well......come on or call first though, just to be sure.  Note: we do not over pack Casa Elemento because people are willing to sleep "anywhere".  Our property and experience only holds so many guests to retain its authenticity......right now that number is about 35. Have a reservation.

Most of our team members are adrenaline junkies and have a passion for searching and finding their next fix.  This is so important to our environment that our guesthouse is located right in the center of adventure country.  If you want to keep moving , motivated and active, you have certainly found the right place.  We have organized tours, hikes, rappelling, OR you can explore mountain ridges on your own.  We have developed trails and routes to suit all activities levels and thrill seekers.  

Sometimes we all enjoy relaxing and doing very little but talking, reading, snoozing, thinking, and playing........we get this, and we love this stuff to.  Pool side is a great place to relax in the mid day sun.....or swing in a hammock and let your thoughts drift away....enjoy some chats in the giant hammock as the sun goes down.  Sit fireside, lounge, read, and relax.  We have current books to read, some good games, great banter and plenty of space to go chill and catch up on yourself and the amazing views of the mountains and the Caribbean sea.  Its so laid back a Casa Elemento, its pretty much horizontal.

Im coming up there and I dont have a reservation OR I think we're late....are we going to have somewhere to sleep?

Do I have to do all this adventure stuff or can I just relax?

I'm an adventure seeker, are there enough things to do to keep me occupied?

Are there mosquitos up at Casa Elemento? 

Yes and No.  There actually arent many mosquitos at all....BUT.....we do get sand flies depending on the season, rainfall, dryness, and all those other wonderful jungle factors.  They affect everyone differently, so if your the type that gets bitten alot no matter what, make sure to bring up some long pants and repellant.  The most effective repellant can be bought in the city and is called NOPIKEX. You need to buy from a pharmacy or large grocery store and it comes in soap form and spray.  Ask for it by name, its the most effective against sand flies.

Casa Elemento is a private property reserved for our guests.  However, people wishing to visit during the day can buy the Paradise Pass upon arrival for 10,000 cop pp.   This pass includes access to the property, hammocks, pool, facilities,tree house, towels, showers, washrooms and information. The pass also includes a complimentary beverage from the bar.  Feel free to have lunch, snacks, a great time relaxing and take advantage of the property and the view.

Im not staying at Casa Elemento, can I come for a visit during the day?