EST 2013



We have many activities you can participate in on and off site for a day trip of your choice.  We have mapped the area and trails heading right from the hostel, and are happy to point you in the right direction.  Our team has developed some amazing self guided routes which take you through different eco systems as you move up or down the mountain range, in and amongst the jungle.  Complete with waterfall dips, coffee finca tours, stops for unique snacks of local offering, picking fresh fruit, having the best smoked BBQ in all the north of Colombia - all the while simply taking your time exploring the area. Our resident dogs - Luna & Pantera- might even accompany you!


From the Hostel

At the Hostel


Lets face it, we want a cool place to hang out too.......a place that has some things to occupy our time and interact with our guests....and as well to do something that day without really doing a whole lot.  Its for this reason we are continually upgrading some fun things to do at Casa Elemento.    Of course, sitting poolside and taking a dip in the mid day heat is always a good choice........YES, I did say we have a pool.........certainly not Olympic sized BUT big enough to cool down - and that's what we have up here on the ridge.  Recently we have completed a nice pool side bar (music to boot) and now have added cocktails to the menu - look at us go!

We have a slackline, superman swings, climbing wall, books, chess, backgammon, Cards Against Humanity, Monolpy, connect four, cards, and of course the giant hammock.  

At Casa Elemento we are constantly adding cool little things to the place, to keep us occupied when we want......or to keep others occupied when we need to be left alone in a hammock.





If you want a challenge on the ping pong table, you'll want to play ED.......if you want bit of an intellectual challenge, ask Jack to show you some knot tying techniques.....our resident climbing expert  knows some really cool ones and is more than happy to share.


There is local lady who makes the most amazing pastries and sweet stuff with fruit and love.  If you've been on the road for a while, you'll appreciate this sweet tooth fix.  Grab some on the way back from your hike......ask us'll probably end up taking orders for us all.



THIS JUST IN>>>> Homemade fruit wine and jams available a gorgeous hike away from the hostel.  Guests are enjoying the rewards of a nice day hike up the ridge and into the next eco system.  We can tell you how to find it, what a gem!!