EST 2013



FOOD......Fresh and plentiful. 

We love to eat, doesn't everyone? should be enough said there......But seriously, Casa Elemento is serving up some pretty good dishes.  We find it tastiest to get as much of our food, from as close as possible -  and that includes right from the property and surrounding farms.  Coffee, granted......but herbs and spices, tons of fruit, and everything else our local providers have for us to cook for the group.  We serve dinner Family Style nightly at 7:30pm.  Breakfast and lunches are made to order with breakfast between 8-10am and lunch between 1pm-3pm daily.  All of our meals are freshly prepared, we frequently bake our own bread, we don't cook from cans or even own a can opener.  We provide a mixture of traditional dishes and western comfort food.... guess you could  call it.  


Casa Elemento is located right in the middle of an operational coffee finca.  Right out our doorstep we have coffee plants that are harvested and the coffee process continues just offsite where the beans are gathered, washed, sorted, dried and packaged for transport.  Luckily enough, the coffee we serve in house is harvested and hand picked directly from the property by the Vagona Family - as it has been for generations.  We have a great opportunity to take our guests through the finca for tours and meet and chat with the people who make this all happen.  A true unique taste and experience here at Casa Elemento.  If you're interested in the production of coffee in Colombia, this is about as authentic as it gets.....and its right here.


We serve up our 1/2 pound secret recipe hand made burgers.  Taking to the BBQ, they are juicy, filling and freaking good.  Served on a house baked bun and  usually with a side potato salad and slaw. 18,000.  Dont worry veggies, we offer a class act veggie burger as well.

"Almost famous" handmade mammoth burgers, compete with cheese and a fresh steamed bun.


Once a week we break out "Oven Elemento". our authentic clay earth oven designed and dug by us. Its taken some time to figure out but we got it now!  We light up the fire nice and early, get the coals smoking hot and slow cook and smoke some sort of delicious meat for dinner.  Cooking times range from 3-6 hrs and in the past we have cooked leg of pork, ribs, roasts,  and turkeys as well.  If this is your style, come join us on a Sunday and get ready for a culinary experience unlike any other.  Dinner cost for the earth oven remains the same at 20,000 per plate. Depending on cuts of meat. Requests and reservations handled via email and in advance.

This is a group menu option.

NOTE: in the event we are unable to use the earth oven, we substitute with traditional roast chicken dinner, served with veggies, mash and gravy.