EST 2013




Evening time at Casa Elemento is one of our most special times of the day.  As the sun sets and the campfire begins to burn, cameras and cold drinks fill our guests hands.  After a long day everyone welcomes the massive portions we provide.  Dinner service is served family style around a communal table where we discuss and banter about the accomplishments (or lack there of) from the day.  We serve a varitey of meals from traditional dishes to western comfort food.  Some of our popular meals are spaghetti and meatballs, grilled steaks, chicken curries with fresh naan and BBQ.  We also do special events and cookout which in the past have included our earth oven roasted pig with mango chutney.  We make alternate meals for our vegetarian friends and other eating preferences, just let us know.

Prices for dinner is always 18,000 cop.


This weeks dinner menu:


Monday-Lasaga/salad/house baked garlic bread


Tuesday:Chicken Curry/lentils/rice/homemade naan


Wednesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs/salad/garlic bread


Thursday: Greek Souvlaki with home made pita, greek salad and rice


Friday: BBQ Beef Burgers/slaw/potato salad


Saturday: Burrito Night - chicken, beef, veggie


Sunday: Traditional Roast with veggies, mash and gravy.