EST 2013




A small group of unlikely misfits have found common ground and love of the Sierra Nevada mountains, here in Colombia.  We have turned our friendship and enthusiasm for travel into a small family and have settled as a group and created Casa Elemento.  We all come from hospitality/travel/adventure backgrounds and each of us have skill sets that make our environment one that we would want to visit.  In short, we strive to host people from all over the world and provide them with the most unique experience they could ask for.  We work hard and play hard.......its probably why we get along.  Come join the family.



show everyone this amazing place, with amazing activities, superb relaxation and an over all unique experience.  Its here for you to visit, and the reason why we are in operation.

But wait, there is more.....

The volunteers we have had over the year, contribute to the atmosphere and service that makes this place so special.  They all get down to the dirty work and enjoy the good life at the same time.  Further, many guests throw their efforts, skills, knowledge and enthusiasm into being a part of the team during their stay.  The two combined contribute to the chill vibe and interactive experience that Casa Elemento thrives on.


If you are interested in exploring a volunteer position we welcome all applicants, firsts as guests at the hostel.  From there, if we have a space and you have something to offer, including time.......we might be able to work something out.  The experience will be like none other and its our volunteers that keep things fresh, moving, and grounded.  Apply within.



Our other team members who through their passion and hardwork, help to make this place tick. We cannot thank them enough!!




The great Bootsby

The boys from the Finca

Eric and Laura